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Feeding Dairy Cattle Tips

feeding dairy cows

Feeding Dairy Cattle Tips


Once the dairy farm has been set up, it is important to consider the safety of the dairy cattle. Provide fences and gates which should separate and group the cattle from the other farm animals, since they are given different kinds of feeds.


The following are the steps to start feeding dairy cows:

Step 1: Find the right kind of feed. If farmers would like to have high-quality cattle, then they must start feeding dairy cattle with good quality feeds. Such feeds include grains or grain mixtures that contain fiber, energy and protein-rich ruminant feeds.

Step 2: Know when to feed the cows. The best time to be feeding dairy cattle is when they have just finished being milked. This is when they are in the best mood to be fed and demand higher levels of energy and protein. Hay and grains should be fed at different times; the hay first and then the grain which are both usually given in the mornings.

Step 3: Forage are feeds that contain the most fiber and should be checked regularly. Therefore, combine all kinds of forage during feeding time instead of feeding them separately to provide the cattle with the most fiber.

Step 4: Know the frequency of feeding dairy cattle. Cattle should be fed at least 12 times a day, where the forages are fed to them first followed by the grains or grain mixture.

Step 5: Make sure the cows are getting the right kind of nutrients they need in order to produce a great amount of milk. Some of the nutrients that lactating cows need, which should be present in their grain mix, would be:
– Protein
– Fiber
– Fat
– Calcium
– Phosphorous
– Potassium
– Vitamins A, D, and E

Step 6: Watch for the different stages of lactation. When feeding dairy cattle, the different stages of lactation are also taken into consideration. There are three main stages which include Early Lactation, Mid to Late Lactation, and the Dry Period, wherein the calf’s body weight and energy balance are directly related. In the early lactation where milk yield is at its peak, cattle experience body weight loss. As they get into the middle to late lactation, their milk yield goes down as their dry matter intake goes up as well as their body weight. By the time they reach the dry period, they have already gained back the weight that they lost. Timing the periods of feeding dairy cows to their lactation stages will benefit not only the cows but also the production of milk in the farm when raising cattle.


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